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How not to fabricate countertops….

I was working in my place in seattle, heard an angle grinder and looked up. This is video is what I saw. Please share this with your friends and family….so they know what to look out for when they hire a fabricator.

Off to a good start….146 visitors on our first Saturday since the soft launch.

My developer (Spencer at The Portland Company) and I have been hard at work squashing bugs on the site. I think we are about 99 percent there. Google should be indexing the site next week, enabling the market to show in organic search and should dramatically increase the traffic over the next few months. If … Continued

United Marble in Boston hosts an Awesome Workshop

Over a hundred fabricators attended a fantastic workshop at United Marble in Boston. John Kilfoyle and his staff did and incredible job. There were demonstrations on the 5 axis saw, the bridge polisher and the CNC machine. Demos were also done by various sponsors. On the second day we visited the Danby Marble Quarry in … Continued

Welcome Stone Fabricators!

Hello World! You have found the The Fabricator’s Market. More good stuff to follow!