You can buy it or sell it

You have found the The Fabricator’s Market. Tired of paying used stone equipment brokers crazy fees to sell your stuff? Tired of hidden pricing on CNC machines? Here’s your double shot of espresso. Want a great deal on an air compressor for your granite shop? Want to sell your old manual GMM bridge saw?  Looking for a special SFA offer on a new quartzite blade?  Poke around and see what stone fabricators are selling….this site’s for you!  Visit the market!


I often get asked questions about stuff. How do I join the SFA? How do I get a subscription to Stone World Magazine? How do I sign up for Emerson’s online magazine? Where can I buy a Seam Phantom? Where can I learn about restoration work? This page is for you! Visit the RESOURCES PAGE!

Stone Fabricators Market - Client Photo


Every month I visit stone shops across our great country. Occasionally, I visit shops in outside our borders. I decided to make a BLOG of my travels, I will include fabrication news and things that are interesting to stone fabricators.


Please check back…I will try to keep the content fresh and interesting.  – Mark Lauzon


If you have great ideas for articles, news and intersting stuff please feel free to send me information, articles and whatnot. My contact info is at the bottom of the website. I look forward to hearing from you.