Off to a good start….146 visitors on our first Saturday since the soft launch.

My developer (Spencer at The Portland Company) and I have been hard at work squashing bugs on the site. I think we are about 99 percent there. Google should be indexing the site next week, enabling the market to show in organic search and should dramatically increase the traffic over the next few months. If you come across anything odd, please let me know. (we are aware that the images sometimes go sideways when posting a listing….still sussing that out) I thought I would share some numbers with you since the soft launch.

Our first week has been much better than I could ever of hoped for…lots of listings…146 visits on Saturday…some incredible deals…some new stuff with SFA discounts…good stuff all around. On Monday, we will do our first mass email blast and start our SEO campaign to begin to drive traffic to see your listings. Thanks for coming along for the ride…..and a final big shout out to all the stone fabricators that made listings while we were still developing the site…this place…it’s powered by YOU!